USAF Expeditionary Operations School

Training Feedback - (Graduation)

(Time to fill out 2-7 minutes)

Please be open and honest with your training feedback, we will also be contacting you 2-3 months in the future to capture follow-up training feedback after you have had an opportunity to utilize the provided training. 

Thank you for your time and feedback.... because your response is so critical to our training improvement goals and you are a instrumental part of helping us provide the world class training you expect and deserve. 

If you have any questions please contact the Registrar Office at DSN 650-7730. This is an approved AFPC/DPSAS data call, control number USAF SCN 02-101.

Follow the faculty staff directions to enter the below demographic information.

Class ID. Enter the class ID.   
All students must type in the same Class ID format. USE ONLY  "2digit" year.  
(EXAMPLE:  23A  23B  23A1)

Location. Select the location of the training.  
Instructor can help to identify proper selection.
Trained By. Select the EOS unit that trained you. 
Instructor can help to identify proper selection.
Graduation Date. The scheduled last day of the class.
All students must enter the same date.
Format: mm/dd/yyyy
Additional Training Support. Select the areas your class used during training. 
Instructor will identify the item(s) below that apply to your training.

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