USAF Expeditionary Operations School (Official Request)

Training Feedback - Graduate back in the field

(Time to fill out 5-10 minutes)

As a prior student; you graduated from a USAF EOS training course approximately 3-6 months ago.

As a supervisor/observer; you are able to validate training results and unit impact.

It is our belief that training is only meaningful to the extent that performance is enhanced in the workplace environment. The basic question we want to answer with this training data call request is, "are we teaching the right curriculum, to the right people, at the right time, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness in the unit?"

Thank you for your time and feedback.... because your response is so critical to our training improvement goals and you are a instrumental part of helping us provide the world class training you expect and deserve. 

If you have any questions please contact the Dean of Academics and Faculty Development at DSN 650-7824. This is an approved AFPC/DPSAS data call, control number USAF SCN 02-101. 


If needed, you can view each USAF EOS course syllabus here (identifies course training objectives): USAF EOS Course Syllabus.

Enter the Class ID from request email. Note;  this may already be filled in for you.
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